Attestation of documents / Power of ATTORNEY:

  1. Miscellaneous application form**, duly filled in and signed.
  2. Documents to be attested in original along with one photocopy. The deponent/applicant will have to sign the document in the presence of the Consular Officer of the Embassy.
  3. Passport in original with a self-attested copy.
  4. Residence card in original with a self-attessted copy. (In case applicant doesn’t have residence card, latest “empadronamiento” is required with English translation).
  5. One photograph to be pasted on the form. (One extra photograph is required for Power of Attorney).
  6. Fees:
    15 € - for affidavits/self declarations.
    28 € - for Power of Attorney.
    No fee for pension papers.

** The APPLICATION FORM is available in the Embassy


Documents issued from India with Apostilled by the Consular Division of Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House, New Delhi, do not further need to be attested by this Embassy and then by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This speeds up the process apart from saving money and time, as applicants can submit these documents directly to the Spanish authorities concerned.

The purpose of Apostille is abolishing the requirement of multiple stages of legalization for documents amongst more than 100 signatories to the Hague Convention. Spain and India have signed the Convention. Apostille removes the necessity of multiple stages of attestations. For more information link relating to Apostille is as follows:

Please Note : Please read relevant links carefully before submitting the application. If the applicants still have any doubts/queries, they may send their queries to the e-mail ID: for necessary guidance/clarification(s).

Office Timings : 09.00 hours and 12.00 hours on all working days. There is no need to take an appointment for submitting application(s) for Consular Services in the Embassy. Consular Services are rendered on first-come-first-serve basis. (See Holiday List)

Original Documents Verification : Applicants for Consular Services are required to submit their Passports and all other documents in original along with a self-attested photocopy. All original documents are generally returned after scrutiny on the same day or on next working day along with the attested documents; in case original documents are not returned, applicants should ask for the same.

Mode of payment : Fee for Consular Services is accepted only by Cash.