The Embassy of India in Madrid has the pleasure to inform you that the Government of India under the aegis of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), within the framework of the General Scholarship Scheme, is offering five scholarships to Spanish nationals wishing to study [with the exception of Medicine, Dental, Paramedical (Nursing, Physiotherapy and  Anesthesia courses) and Fashion courses] at graduate, post graduate or research levels in universities and educational institutions in India during the academic year 2016-2017. This is different from the ICCR's CEP/EEP Scholarship 2016-17, under which two scholarship slots are available for Spanish nationals.

The scholarships include enrolment and the course fees, besides a fixed amount of living expenses. The scholarships are granted for the full duration of the course.

Applicants are requested to pay special attention to the following points (links to guidelines, instructions, information.etc are presented below):

  1. Please read the detailed instructions before filling out the forms. Please also read the financial terms and conditions.
  2. The completed and signed application form which should be typewritten or handwritten in block letters (capitals) along with other attachments must be e-mailed as a PDF document to the Embassy of India. Two hard copies along with 5 additional photographs should also be delivered to the Embassy of India.
  3. The attachments submitted with the form – both in hard and soft copies – must bear attestations. Certified/attested copies of translations of the attachments into English must also accompany the soft and hard copies. Original copies of any certificates, documents.etc need not be submitted and attested copies of these will suffice. Applicants may be asked to present the original documents in course of the selection procedure with prior notice.
  4. The attachments should include copies of qualifications obtained and curricula and subjects studied. It is imperative that candidates have adequate knowledge of English and, to that end, must submit a copy of the course(s) passed in English language. A certificate of physical fitness from a registered doctor has to be submitted in the attached format.
  5. Applications should be submitted latest by 13 January 2016 with soft copy to, and hard copies to: 

    Embassy of India, 
    Avenida Pío XII, 30-32, 
    28016 Madrid.

    Please note the following set of information:

  1. Placement to a particular educational institution /University will depend on the availability of seats and the course that is being chosen. Therefore, before filling the three choices, you are advised to check the Institutions/ Universities available for the discipline that you intend to study at the University Grants Commission website or at the website of the institution/university itself. You may also like to see the List of Institutions/ Universities where ICCR scholars are studying at present.
  2. Once you accept admission to a particular discipline in a particular institution, subsequent changes either in the institution or discipline will not be possible.
  3. No admission and scholarship is offered for MBBS / MD / MS/ BDS and Fashion Design courses.
  4. For science courses, the expenditure on laboratory chemicals and other related incidental charges will be borne by the scholars themselves.
  5. While sending in nominations of Engineering courses like B.E., B. Tech please ensure that you have taken Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics (PCM) in their school leaving examination.

Click the following links for:
Application Form & Checklist
Instructions to Applicants
Physical Fitness Certificate
Financial Terms and Conditions
Website of the University Grants Commission
List of Universities where ICCR scholars are studying

For any further queries, interested students should contact the Culture and Academics Section of the Embassy of India in Madrid by fax at 91-345 11 12 or email to and