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Mayur Bhanj Chhau Performance in Valladolid

Chhau dance is a genre of Indian tribal martial dance which is popular in the Indian states of Odisha, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

The Chhau dance is mainly performed during regional festivals, especially the spring festival of Chaitra Parva in which the whole community participates. The Chhau blends within it forms of both dance and martial practices employing mock combat techniques (called khel), stylized gaits of birds and animals (called chalis and topkas) and movements based on the chores of village housewives (called uflis).

The Chhau team from Mayur Banj is currently in Spain, rendering their performance to Spanish Audience. Here are some of the pictures from the performance at Zorrila Teatro, Valladolid, Spain on 20 September 2015.