Public Notices & Circulars

Inviting Tender for Quotation for Market Analysis

Outline of Market Studies to be conducted
Study 1 – India Spain Bilateral Trade (Aim: To get a comprehensive picture of bilateral trade, understand current trends and identify potential areas for Indian exporters)

  • Trends in value of bilateral trade over a period of 20 years, with brief explanations
  • Overview of the trade basket of India and Spain – what is traded by the two countries (import/export) globally and bilaterally?
  • Trends in the evolution of the trade basket – global and bilateral trade
  • India´s top 10 exports
    • Identification
    • Trends
    • Competitor analysis
    • Regulatory framework analysis
    • Suggestions for further increasing India´s share of these products in Spain´s imports
  • Potential growth opportunities
    • Identify 5 new products with great export potential
    • Spain´s major imports which happen to be India´s major exports
    • Consider India´s trade basket with other EU nations
  • Profile of Spanish importers of Indian products
    • Geographical distribution
    • Size
    • Other details on activities
  • Entry options for Indian traders
    • Forms of engagement – direct trading / representative office / distributors / JVs
    • Best way to export to Spain
  • Case Studies
    • Comparative analysis of similar markets
      • Two of India´s major export destinations in Europe
      • Two of Spain´s major import sources in Asia

Sector-wise Market Analysis (Aim: To understand opportunities available for Indian exporters)

  • Machines and Mechanical Appliances (HS Code: 84)
  • Electrical Machinery and Equipments (HS Code: 85)
  • Iron and Steel (HS Code: 72, 73)
  • Plastics (HS Code: 39)
  • Optical Apparatus (HS Code: 90)
  • Rubber (HS Code: 40)
  • Paper (HS Code: 48)

The study should give an overview of the sector; elaborate on the industries catered to, the import market with segmentations, competitor analysis, entry options for Indian exporters, possibilities for Spanish companies and enlist industry associations, public and private sector organizations, major companies and trade fairs in the sector. The vendor may propose an outline along with the quotation and the same can be approved before commencing the study.